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True Value vs. quality with competitive business practice
ever-changing times: what about customer service?


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True Value vs. quality with competitive business practice

Why is it that corporate business have such large gains but yet and still family owned and operated companies struggle to maintain and keep up?
This is partly due to marketing scheme/ploys and the glamorous ways that corporate business can promote their businesses through advertising.
When a corporate business literally has piles of money to throw into an advertising campaign but yet cannot provide sufficient services professionals in the field. And by the time services are rendered if having major issues and obstacles that they choose not to ratify, With customer due to policy. Here is where you will probably receive or encounter some of the most highly trained and problematic part of their company (for you the customer) because when it comes to human resources or customer service issues they are sure to implement highly trained employees to Divert your issues/concerns on the problem at hand. This is the breakdown in the chain of command I do not understand how large corporations can advertise/market that they have the best service professionals around and are hiring low-budget under certified lackluster employees that only care about coming to work to collect a check.
Here at About Integrity movers we pride ourselves with having some of the best employees in our service industry Category. Most of our employees have been with me Trevel Randolph owner for over eight years they know the ins and outs of my intricate mind, Ways of thinking and methods of efficiency. I believe in being a people pleaser and even though we do have company policies sometimes you have to think about the Customers interest and longevity of relationship rather than quarterly gains and bonuses.
In any industry sometimes written policies just are not good enough to go above and beyond expectations. This is one thing I have always believed in going above and beyond the expectations of one views of company/employees.
See presentation is only part of any service professional Industry it does not matter how nice of equipment, tools or uniforms look sometimes it actually matters about how much of an intellectual being one is. Or the know how and workmanship one possesses. This is something written policy can never cover/implement.
Here at about Integrity movers llc everything starts with me the owner Trevel Randolph. I love the challenge of overcoming obstacles especially unforeseen issues this is part of what drives me in my day to day life. Knowing that life is never written down on a policy board nor will a policy ever cover the intricate details of life and it's task.

ever-changing times: what about customer service?

there's no doubt about it in theses ever-changing times of technological advance.  We as people have lost some of the one-on-one personal connection in the world,  let alone customer service. This is why I am making it a personal goal here at( about integrity movers). To hire and train every employee to exude the utmost respect, integrity, and savviness. I think promoting and holding qualities like these at the forefront of every business transaction.  Will guarantee the growth and expansion that is needed to better serve you.

P.  S.  Please comment on my blog and let me know if you feel the same way about customer service?

                                                                                                                         Sincerely owner 
                                                                                                                         Trevel  Randolph
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