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About Integrity Movers in Phoenix, Arizona

Full-Service Moving Rates

2 Men Rate to $150 (2 Hours Minimum)

3 Men $175 per Hour (3 Hours Minimum)

4 Men $200 per Hour (3 Hours Minimum)

There is always an up-front quoted trip charge assessed to every full-service move equal to or greater than the quoted hourly rate chosen/needed

There are never any hidden fees within any division of our company. All pricing is up-front.

Every full-service move has a trip charge associated with it. The trip charge covers the usage of a truck with mileage, gas, and equipment included. Usually, the trip charge is the same as the quoted price per hour. This is the price of a one-time trip charge that is charged. As well as a 2- 4-hour minimum (depending on the size of the move).

Every full-service move comes with a minimum of 2 dozen blankets, 2 hand trucks, and 2 four-wheel low-rise dollies.

Promotional Offers

Best Movers in Phoenix

Same-Day Moves Available

Every New/Repeat Customer Receives an Automatic 5 to 15% Discount Off of Already Low Rates

Refer a Friend, Get $50

Any prior customer who refers a friend will receive $50 dollars as a thank-you for generating new business for our company. The only way to redeem the full $50 for a referred job is the total cost of labor rendered, not including trip charge, must meet or exceed $350 of the labor cost. If labor does not exceed $350, the person who referred a new client can still receive 10% of the rendered labor cost (minimum $200 on labor).

As long as the referred friend books and receives services rendered by our company (a full-service move or labor service), the referrer will still receive $20.

New/Repeat Customers Can Save Up to 15% 

All new customers will receive a 5-10% discount off of the quoted rate. In addition, any new customer who can show a flyer or business card as a referral will receive up to an additional 5% off of the total bill for their move. This is just one more way we keep our customers, both new and repeat, satisfied.

Contact us today at 602-369-1950.

Rates for Labor Services Only

2 Men $85  per Hour (3 Hours Minimum)

3 Men $110 per Hour (3 Hours Minimum)

4 Men $140  per Hour (3 Hours Minimum)

Fuel charge may be assessed to labor rates depending on the distance of travel.

Labor services are those that normally have no need to use of a truck, for example: loading/unloading, packing, driving or moving within the same complex.

Here at About Integrity Movers, we appreciate and want your business. This is why we offer a labor service to relieve one less stress from your life. We have set the labor rate to correspond with any variable situation. Also, because we set the labor rate with only a 2-hour minimum, it allows more flexibility for your needs and pockets.

No matter how big or small your labor needs may be, our rates are set to accommodate you with very affordable pricing.

Now, if it is labor services only that you are in need of. We define labor services only as services that require the use of labor only. No trucks needed. For example: labor services come in handy for customers that are requesting the use of several men to load/unload a truck, mobile pod, or semi-tractor trailer.

We get quite a few requests for labor services only, especially customers that are moving within the same complex that only have a short distance of travel between old and new structures where it is much more efficient to implement the use of large six-wheeled flatbed dollies to transport items from one structure to the next. Now, this may or may not fit your requested needs, however, it is just one more service that we here at About Integrity Movers change the industry by offering.

Now, labor services offered can save customers quite a bit of money considering the fact that the company does not have to shell out expenses and use the resources of a moving truck, which in turn allows us to lower the hourly labor rate without the use of a moving truck.

We would love to give you a formal proposal, so we are going to direct you to our website. Here, you will be able to fill out a more in-depth questionnaire. Then we will send you a very comprehensive quote that will cover all of your requested variables. 

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Rates for Cleaning Services

Basic Cleaning 

Cost: $55 per Hour, 2 Hours Minimum, 2 cleaners

4 Total Rooms: Maximum Cost of $55.00 per Hour

Size of Room: Maximum of 200 ft per Room

  • Dusting (Reachable From Ground Level)
  • Mopping (Bath, Hallways, Floors)
  • Vacuuming (Floors)
  • Fixtures (Kitchen, Baths)

Basic Extended Cleaning 

Cost: $75 per Hour, first 3 Hours Minimum, 2 Cleaners

6 Total Rooms: Maximum Cost of $85 per Hour (after the first 3 hours)

Size of Room: 250 ft per Room 

  • Dusting (Reachable From Ground Level or Small Step Stool)
  • Mopping (All Floors)
  • Vacuuming (All Floors and Drawers)
  • Fixtures (Kitchens and Baths)
  • Appliances (Refrigerator, Oven and/or One Other – 3 Total)
  • Household Items (Knick-Knacks, Built-Ins, Banisters/Railings, Closets, and/or Other Substituted Items to Be Dusted and Cleaned)
  • Washing Dishes
  • Washing Clothing
  • Making of Beds
  • Organization of Other Items 

Extensive Extended Cleaning 

Cost: $100 per Hour, 3-4 Hours Minimum, 2 Cleaners

Most Everything Included: $125 per Hour

8 Rooms Minimum

When you choose our extensive extended cleaning service, it comes with pretty much everything you could imagine. It qualifies for one-time, recurring, bi-weekly, bimonthly, move-in, and move-out cleanings.

There are not too many restrictions with this selection. It is the best rate and best deal for overall full-service cleaning needs.

Also, as a note, we offer flat cleaning rates as well. This may be more apt for certain requests depending on variables.

All cleaning services are limited to what is charted and come with a minimum of 2 cleaners and all chemicals needed at 2 hours minimum.

Ask how you can receive up to 20% discount for bundling services.

Need a respectable mover? Contact us!

Rates for Delivery Services

Delivery Rate 

First Hour – $125

Trip/Truck Charge – Starting at $75

(40 miles allotted from launch point Tempe to return)

Each Additional Hour – $125 per Hour.

Grand Total for 1 Hour. – $200

Here at About Integrity Movers, we appreciate and want your business. This is why we offer a delivery service to relieve one less stress from your life. We have set the delivery and labor rate to correspond with any variable situation. Also, because we set the delivery rate with only a 1-hour minimum, it allows more flexibility for your needs and pockets! No matter how big or small your delivery needs may be, our rates are very affordable.

One of our biggest pet peeves here at About Integrity Movers that we have with other companies is the way some of our competitors like to reel you in with basic labor rates. Unbeknownst to you, there are fees and surcharges on certain things like long approaches, narrow or tight landing/stairways, packing and unpacking fees, large or items over 75 lbs., big minimum hours and maximum labor times, fuel surcharges, and more.

Rest assured that we will never ever have any hidden charges or fees for any of these services, all pricing is up-front, competitive, and honest. Also, everything will be verified from beginning to end in writing. That’s just one more way we, at About Integrity Movers, take the hassle out.

Please remember that the delivery services is set for customers that may not have that big of a service request, but is still in the need of labor and a truck without the need of a large minimum pricing rate that comes with moving services.

About Integrity Movers offers you the best rates in the Valley—guaranteed! If you can find one of our competitors offering similar services who are cheaper than ours, we will price match guarantee.

Rates for Short-term Warehouse Storage

(Only offer storage when we provide labor services)

1830 W Fillmore St.

Phoenix, 85007

 Size of Space

84'' height X 48'' width X 48'' length at

$75 per month

(5ft by 10 ft)= $150 per month

(10ft by 15 ft)= $250 per month

(10ft by 30 ft)= $325  per month

Hot Tubs / Spa Relocation Rates

1st Hr of Labor     =     $225

comes with a one-time travel/trailer fee of $75.

Each additional hour  = $150 /hour 

Stair Fee - additional $125

Rates and Percentages 

Rates and percentages are dictated and controlled by market variables, item desirability, as well as the difficulties of storing and handling item. These factors will dictate and determined percentage split between company and customer.

1-30 Days Customer 75%. Company 25%

31-60 Days Customer 65% Company 35%

61-90+ Days Customer 60% Company 40%

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